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Belgium (2023)

for piano trio

'Belgium' is based on a picture by Alain Schroeder, finalist of the 'HeadOn Photo Festival'. In Belgium, the richness of traditions and customs unique to each city or village became the thematic inspiration for the composition. The photo that served as the foundation for the piece captures three figures adorned in traditional attire, standing amidst a field under a combination of sun and dark rainy clouds—a quintessential depiction of Belgian weather.

Rather than merely scoring the visual content of the image, the composer sought to convey the emotions and nuances not explicitly visible. With 'Belgium,' the intention was to extend beyond the confines of the photograph, offering the audience a musical portrayal that delves into the unseen aspects of the scene. Despite the seemingly unenthusiastic expressions of the figures in the photo, the music aims to reveal the underlying beauty of the traditional customs and habits that define Belgium.



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Duration: ca. 3'30

'Belgium' premiered on 29 November 2023 in the RCM Performance Hall in London
Performed by Lim Zhi Hsuan, Jennifer Hui, Anson Tang

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