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Catharsis: The Tragic Purgation and the Eruption of the Evil Demons (2024)

for Clarinet Choir

The term 'Catharsis' appeared in Aristotle's 'Poetics' and refers to the emotional cleansing or purgation an audience undergoes while watching a tragedy. He believed that these intense emotions, experienced through the depiction of tragic events in art, should be produced in the spectator. This tragic pleasure (or 'Catharsis'), such as fear and pity, could lead to a purifying or purging of those emotions. Psychologists define Catharsis specifically as the discharge of previously repressed emotions connected to traumatic events. The process of expressing and experiencing intense emotions can have a positive effect on one's emotional state. In a broader sense, Catharsis can refer to any emotional release or purification process, whether through artistic expression, shared experiences, or personal introspection.


'The Tragic Purgation' is related to the idea of purging or cleaning inevitable emotional or psychological tensions, specifically in the context of art. 'The Eruption of the Evil Demons' suggests deep-seated, negative forces or feelings emerge as part of Catharsis. 'Catharsis: The Tragic Purgation and the Eruption of the Evil Demons' is an emotionally liberating experience where intense feelings are purged, accompanied by the eruption of long-suppressed feelings and forces.



Instrumentation | Extra Information

Clarinet in Eb 1

Clarinet in Eb 2

Clarinet in Bb 1

Clarinet in Bb 2

Clarinet in Bb 3

Clarinet in Bb 4

Clarinet in Bb 5

Clarinet in Bb 6

Basset Horn 1

Basset Horn 2

Bass Clarinet 1

Bass Clarinet 2

Bass Clarinet 3

Contrabass Clarinet

- - -

Duration: ca. 12'

'Catharsis' premiered on 23 February 2024 in the RCM Performance Hall in London
Performed by the RCM Clarinet Faculty, conducted by Stone Tung

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