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Enigma (2022)

for orchestra & narrator

ENIGMA tells the story of the British mathematician Alan Turing (1912-1954). With his brilliant analytic mind, Turing had a gift for designing ‘intelligent’ machines. During World War II, he managed to break the Enigma code. The German air and naval forces used this code to secure all their communications. He shortened the war and saved many lives. His scientific contributions are still noticeable to this day. In the 1950s, Turing was arrested for homosexuality, a crime that was still actively prosecuted at the time. His death also remains a curious mystery.



Instrumentation | Extra Information

2 Flutes


2 Clarinets in Bb (2nd Doubling Bass Clarinet in Bb)

Alto Saxophone (Doubling Baritone Saxophone)

2 Bassoons

3 Horns in F

2 Trumpets in Bb (2nd Doubling Flugelhorn & Piccolo Trumpet)

Trombone (Doubling Euphonium)



Percussion (2)




Strings (min.

- - -

Duration: ca. 50'

'Enigma' premiered on 25 June 2022 in the Miry Concert Hall in Ghent
Performed by the Ghent Conservatory Orchestra, conducted by Obe Vermeulen

Narrator: Wim van den Driessche

Text: Dirk Crommelinck

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