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Fantasy for Baritone Saxophone (2021)

A notable absence is observed in the 'CADENZAS' album, featuring solo instrument pieces: the (baritone) saxophone. As the composer crafted these solo compositions, a desire emerged to incorporate the piano for a more dynamic interaction with the saxophone. Consequently, this particular piece was excluded from the solo album. However, this void is more than compensated for by the creation of this fantasy, composed in the same year.

Similar to the solo pieces, a diverse range of techniques applicable to the instrument is employed in this composition. Exploring the instrument's extremes establishes a captivating interplay between the baritone saxophone's intimacy and inherent power. The piece also introduces unexpected and intriguing sounds, such as the high squeak produced on the reed or the utilization of only the mouthpiece and the neck of the saxophone.



Instrumentation | Extra Information

Baritone Saxophone


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Duration: ca. 6'30

'Fantasy for Baritone Saxophone' premiered on 18 December 2021 in the Miry Concert Hall in Ghent
Performed by Dorus Uijt de Willigen & Simon Neyt

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