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Interpretations (2024)

for mixed ensemble and screen

Obe Vermeulen searched for a unique approach to presenting musical concepts to musicians. In the case of 'Interpretations,' the composer deviated from traditional written or text scores and introduced a video score.


Positioned strategically between the musicians and the audience, the video screen remains visible only to the performers. Guided by a series of instructions, the musicians are empowered to interpret and translate these directives into musical expressions. The video score comprises three distinct movements: the initial presentation of an instruction (e.g., play low rhythmic notes as loud as possible), followed by a montage featuring renowned conductors leading orchestras. The musicians are tasked with interpreting these conductors as closely as possible.In an optimal scenario, the piece is performed twice, allowing the audience to witness the video on the screen. The composition is designed to be adaptable for performance by any group, irrespective of their level of experience.


Instrumentation | Extra Information

Mixed ensemble


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Duration: ca. 6'50

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