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One of Our Own (2023)

'One of Our Own' is a Spoken Word poetry piece dedicated to the people of Leeds and its respective football club. The poem focuses on Leed-born professional football player Kalvin Phillips who grew up playing for Leeds United; now of Man City. This piece also highlights undertones of classicism. The purpose of the music is to give this compelling message even more strength. The composer searched for different approaches to communicating this text. Next to singing, the baritone and even the pianist will use a variety of techniques such as Schonberg’s’ ‘sprechstimme’, shouting, whispering, rapping and narrating.


Those in society who don’t understand the beautiful game or see it as a turgid tribal affair are offside, in my opinion, and should be offset by a V.A.R. decision.
It takes two seconds to read between the lines or Bend it like Beckham.
The script of sensationalism has been prescribed to the tide of hungry mouths.

Teetering on the turn of the wrecking ball, classicism.
Blasted into the top corner.
It is causing a schism in the chaos and order of Joe blogs.

Ball games entertain the masses millions.
Domestic football institutions are worth billions,
yet a Leeds fan knows the honour of the badge is priceless.

Who wouldn’t want to be a Gold Cloak?
Draped in chants and cheers of Yellow and blue.
Kalvin, this poem I dedicate to you.

Philips screwdrivers aren’t ever as handy as our Kalvin.

Game recognises game and real knows the deal.
That lad who stayed after dark in the middle of the park was Certi!

Leader among men at the age of ten or maybe it was fifth-teen.

Either way, even Ben was jealous;

a monster like that was at the centre of all things!

Leeds Midfielder-
how about all other Academy graduates are Mid-
in my opinion.

Deep lying because since 2018, he has devoted himself to being the city’s centre back.
The backbone of Elland Road.

He is a Playmaker, game changer, and that’s only his hairstyle.
Drip, from head to tip, he could give Harry styles.

Kalvin Phillips gave us new hope and returned our fortunes to where we belong.

Leeds’s coffers didn’t have an Empire State of Mind to lean upon.

Talent, balance mixed with true Northern Grit.
Authentic. Just like his birthplace.

Man says how it is, and he’s one of our own.
One of our own! Leading lights.

John Streatfield


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- - -

Duration: ca. 5'

'One of Our Own' premiered on 13 June 2023 at the Leeds Lieder Festival

Performed by Charles Cunliffe & Daniel Peter Silcock

The Guardian described the rap-infused song as “an anarchic delight”.

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