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Rhapsody (2024)

for piano trio

'Rhapsody for piano trio’ was inspired by a walk through the park. The peaceful and stressful feelings that come together in a balanced way are incorporated into this work. The composer is trying to tell a story without giving too much information. The Rhapsody represents a society with contrasting characters searching for a way to interact with each other. Some are more serious than others, and some are pretty quirky or sad. Do they stroll? Are they running? What is going on in their lives? Asking ourselves this as we walk outside and pass strangers can make us interact with each other in a more tolerant way.


Some passages in this piece are strongly inspired by early 20th-century music from Russia and the USA. A Shostakovich-like rhythmic passage can easily flow into a stirring musical number and vice versa. The forte of this piece is its unpredictability. The peaceful conclusion of the Rhapsody is meant to give us a glimpse into a hopeful future.



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Duration: ca. 12'

'Rhapsody for piano trio' premiered on 21 February 2024 in the RCM Performance Hall in London
Performed by Samantha Rowe, Kara Battley & Yuyao Qu.

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