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Rituals II (2024)

for ensemble

Rituals are ceremonies which evoke the sacred through shared experience. Rituals can be used to reveal the ineffable aspects of ultimate reality, reinforce a felt sense of the sacred, mark important events and life mysteries, and transform personality. The concept of a ritual is an ancient tool for connecting yourself to your subconscious self. A way to be more in touch with community, nature and yourself.


The composition is a slow-moving meditational flow where the musicians are encouraged to listen and interact with each other. 'Rituals II' is built on strong communication between the players. The liberty musicians have, allows them to approach the music with their own interpretation. Ensuring a unique performance experience since each performance will be different.


'Rituals II' fits seamlessly with 'Rituals' as a sequel to this other composition that premiered in August 2024, performed by the Belgian Contemporary 'I SOLISTI ensemble'. Although linked to the other work, starting from the same concept, 'Rituals II' should be seen as a separate composition.



Instrumentation | Extra Information


Clarinet in Bb





- - -

Duration: ca. 12'

'Rituals II' premiered on 7 March 2024 in the RCM Performance Hall in London
Performed by Explore Ensemble

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