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The Pulse of the Past (2023)

for recorder quartet

In creating this composition for the recorder quartet, Obe Vermeulen envisioned treating the quartet as a singular instrument with a unified texture. The piece unfolds through a dynamic dialogue between the acoustic quartet and the electronic delay. Consistent with the composer's distinctive style, the maintenance and deliberate interruption of the pulse emerge as pivotal elements in the composition. The interplay of continuity and interruption stands out as one of the defining features, enriching the overall texture and contributing to the piece's unique character.



Instrumentation | Extra Information

Tenor Recorder 1 & 2

Bass Recorder 1 & 2

- - -

Duration: ca. 6'30

'The Pulse of the Past' premiered on 23 March 2023 in the RCM Performance Hall in London

Performed by Larli Davies, Matyas Houf, Luca Imperiale & Anna Walker

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