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To England (2023)

for piano trio

After composing 'Belgium', the first piece Obe wrote after moving to England, he wanted to write an unconnected sequel to this piece: 'to England'.

While the two pieces share no direct musical connections, 'to England' follows suit with 'Belgium' in incorporating a motive derived from the national anthem. The composition unfolds with a slow and mysterious beginning, seamlessly transitioning into a lively pulse, where the piano resonates as the metaphorical bells of a church. Two distinct melodies take turns, orchestrated in various combinations between the strings and piano. The piece concludes with an open-ended resolution, leaving the narrative unfinished and inviting further exploration.



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Duration: ca. 6'30

'to England' was recorded on 10 March 2023 in the Belle Schenkman Studios in London
Performed by the Fidelio Trio

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