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We Shall Fight (2021)

for choir and tape

"We Shall Fight" is a composition for choir and electronics, originating from Winston Churchill's speech. Employing a pitch analysis, the monotonous cadence of Churchill's voice became the foundational musical material. The surrounding tape, resonating throughout the church or concert hall, integrates the speech and sinus tones. The changing EQ parameters deliberately impact the text intelligibility, creating intentional nuances. The choir follows a part marked with minimal indications and cues. The goal is a highly polyphonic execution, with each singer interpreting their part individually, fostering a collective contribution to an intricate sonic palette.



Instrumentation | Extra Information

SATB Choir


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Duration: ca. 2'30

'We Shall Fight' premiered on 3 November 2021 in the St.-Paulus Church in Antwerp as the opening concert of the World Choir Games
Performed by the Flemish Radio Choir, conducted by Wim Henderickx

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