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from the EARTH to the MOON

Project type

Concert series


19-21 March 2024



Experience Jules Verne's classic novel 'From the Earth to the Moon,' written in 1865, reimagined in this unique family concert.

Our narrator, Hannah Limbrick, takes you on an adventure back in time. After the American Civil War, the Baltimore Science Society decided to use their knowledge for what was about to become the most significant collective achievement to date: They would launch a cannonball straight to the Moon.

This concert will create an immersive, fully-involved experience. The symphony orchestra, led by composer Obe Vermeulen, who wrote an original score inspired by the book, will be positioned in a large circle around the audience.

Let yourself be carried away by this inspiring story about friendship, ambition, and willpower. Join us on an unforgettable journey from the Earth to the Moon!

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